The Vortex Tunnel® measures, 2819 mm (9'- 3" inches) wide and 6108.7 mm (20' - 1/2") long. The bridge is 914 mm (36") wide and the bridge is 406.4 mm (16") off the ground. I recommend a space 3048 mm (10') high by 3048 mm (14') wide, a nd 6121.4 mm (20' - 2") long, plus the space for a step or ramp.

Some companies recess the bridge in a "PIT" so the patrons can walk straight onto the bridge without an incline. Most installations build a ramp up and down or build one step to get in and one step to get down.

I recommend the 914mm (36" wide) bridge for the walkway since its wheelchair accessible, the heavy duty rings if it's being operated year round, and the high security handrail if children will be present.

The motor(s) are available in 115 volts or 220 volts. We offer the bridge without fixtures so customers can have their own options to save money by adding their own brand of Ultra violet UV fixtures. However, we do now offer a high brightness LED fixture that will work with 115 or 230 volts as an upgrade. The power outlet for the Vortex Tunnel needs to be located at the center of the room at an approved height with one 20 ampere circuit. The motor draws about 4 ampere's and depending on what model you order as to if it has one or two motors. The LED fixtures draw about 4.2 ampere's. The Vortex Tunnel can sit on a flat floor and be secured with a few pieces of 2x4's pieces of wood (not provided) for the final installation.

Delivery time is three weeks after the first bank wire is processed, plus the time for ocean transit. The Vortex is packaged to allow AIR freight if a faster service is needed. Please supply me the address to work on a shipping quote. The Vortex takes one day installation. For an on-site technician to observe the installation the cost is Airline, hotel, food, ground transportation and $1,000.00 for misc. expenses. An instruction manual is available and onsite support is not necessary. Please fill free to ask any additional questions.

Vortex Tunnel gives off Ultra Violet Light

Vortex Tunnel OperationsImportant Information & Guide
Tunnel Operation and Vortex User ManualOperation and User Manual

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